Vicki’s Block Printed Clothing

Vicki's Block Printed Clothing Booth

Vicki Brouk will be bringing her block printed clothing to the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival. She will be featuring her wine and beer blocks to represent two of the things we all love about the Finger Lakes!

Vicki was originally commissioned to block print for Mountain Sun boutique in Canandaigua a few years back. She conferred with Judi Cermak, her former Bloomfield Central art teacher, and began block printing the boutique’s line of “Flax” linens and t-shirts. After the store eventually closed, Vicki continued block printing and participating in local festivals in the Rochester region.

Vicki’s designs are fun, unique, and truly one of a kind. Each garment is printed differently, so that no two are exactly alike. It’s not surprising that each item can take anywhere from 45 minutes for a t-shirt to complete, to hours for a dress or larger garment! All of her creative work takes place in the dining room of her Pittsford home.

Vicki’s Block Printed Clothing uses colors that are not easily replicated and symbols that speak of positive Vicki's3energies. Her fans especially like the designs that intertwine the traditional Adinkra symbols of Ghana.

Vicki is excited to be back on the road after taking a break while her kids finished college. Vicki’s Block Printed Clothing is available at local art shows – where she always brings something new – and through Custom orders are available by contacting her via phone, email, or Facebook!