Vicki’s Block Printed Clothing

Vicki Brouk will be returning to the Canandaigua Arts and Music Festival for the second consecutive year. This year, her block printing designs were created using a new technique – cutting pieces and gluing them onto blocks then printing the designs. She is using recycled Styrofoam plates to carve designs as well as the traditional linoleum blocks.

Vicki looks forward to returning this year because of how the public reacted to her designs last year. She said her biggest compliment from customers is her “eye for color” which is most noticeable on the T-shirts.  Be ready to see some adorable summer dresses, crew neck tees for men, and a variety of tunics for the ladies at this year’s festival! The well-liked Finger Lakes tribute tee is back by popular demand, in addition to toasting wine glasses.

If you’re looking for some cool styles check out all the unique products at Vicki’s Block Printed Clothing.