The Copper Potter

Learn about The Copper Potter from Heather herself:

The Copper Potter1Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Heather and I have been an artist all my life. My grandmother was my inspiration as a child, by gifting me art supplies at every holiday. I have been teaching for more than 26 years, and decided to start an Etsy shop just recently. I am often identified by my red hair, so “The Copper Potter” seemed only fitting.

The work that I create has really come out of the collecting my husband and I have done for years of old porcelain and antiques. We live a very eclectic life and enjoy mixing styles and creating our own look. I search for objects that have lost their mate…A lid to a pot, but no pot. A door knob without a door. These objects are the inspiration for many of my pieces. I design a piece around an old found object, to blend the old with the new. I have worked in many mediums, from sterling jewelry, paintings, fibers, but most recently clay. I enjoy throwing on the wheel and getting caught up in the art, when I am given the chance.

Visit The Copper Potter booth July 15-17!

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