The Music of CAMF 2014: Amanda Ashley

The town of Canandaigua and its surrounding areas have so much talent, including singer – songwriters.  In the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival, there is no exception and Amanda Ashley is one of those talents; a singer – songwriter who will start off our music line up for the festival, Wooo!

Amanda plays original, classic and popular cover pieces with a fusion of Pop, R&B and Jazz.  She is heavily influenced with variety genres of music.  She is constantly asked to play her original song “Trapeze” and a cover from Jackson Five – “I Want You Back.” Her life on the road and back home is her main engine of inspiration for her compositions.

Amanda states that performing in the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival is a “celebration of the arts” and that

It’s always pleasurable to be invited to play and take part in a festival, no matter how big or small. Canandaigua has always been among one of my favorite towns to visit, so I’m very much looking forward to.

Check her Facebook page and her website:  Cheer Amanda on with her solo act on Friday 18th July at 12PM on the Commons Park Main Stage.