Patty Cancilla Art

A newcomer to the festival, Patty Cancilla is excited to join because she has always loved the area and vacations in Canandaigua every year!

Patty came up with her work because she wanted her jewelry to be unique from everything else out there. Patty has learned that through her work that people like things that are different. Women do not want to see the jewelry they wear on other women. She wants women to feel good about the piece when they wear it, to be complimented, and to know they received a good value.

Patty uses a technique called wire wrapping where she takes Sterling Silver & 14 kt. Gold-filled wire to create a one of a kind pendant, bracelet or earrings. It’s a technique she can do anywhere, and allows her to work when travelling. She didn’t want to use solder or heat because she creates jewelry out of fragile items like opal, cameo or shells, as well as stones, gems and beach glass. People can even bring vintage china and Patty will set it into lovely heirloom pieces of jewelry. Working in this medium produces a relatively affordable piece. For example, 14kt gold fill & Sterling Silver allows for a long lasting valuable piece without a heavy price tag.

Patty works out of her home in Grand Island, NY and displays in the art festivals around Western NY.  Her website has a list of other shows she plans on attending.