Ontario County Foster Care and Adoption

Ontario County Foster Care and Adoption is very excited to come back to the CAMF for the fourth consecutive year. The group loves the outreach with the community and making people aware of the need for good foster parents. They look forward to educating people on the need for foster parents, especially for teens.

The group emphasizes how you can make a difference in the life of a child. You don’t have to be perfect, just compassionate. They have seen countless children’s lives change for the better with a good foster home that loves them unconditionally.

Ontario County Foster Care and Adoption has participated in the Canandaigua 4th of July Parade as well as the Ontario County Fair. They have a good support system for foster parents and a therapist-run support group. A 24/7 on- call system is available for all families to help them through the process.

For those interested in getting more involved in the organization you can call the agency to get your name on a list for prospective foster parents, attend an informational meeting or come to a pre-certification class to see if foster parenting is right for your family. Visit them on Saturday and Sunday at the Community Cause-Way.