Ms. Sticks

Ms. Sticks

Ms. Sticks5Ms. Sticks creates beautiful, handmade walking sticks, talking sticks, canes and keychains by hand. She’s been a long-time part of our festival and we’re excited to have her back this year!

The company began when Ms. Sticks herself lived in Cashiers, North Carolina. On her frequent hikes, she would pick up sticks from the ground and bring them home to play with. Her life changed forever once she was introduced to a wood burner. Overtime, better tools were used to speed up the design process – but it could never catch up to the creative thoughts in her mind!

She continues to find ways to make her sticks more interesting by adding recycled items such as recycled leather coats for the hand grips, compasses in the tops, crystals or bubbles, even door knobs. Sticks are made out of many types of wood, especially Aspen.

One of Ms. Sticks’ favorite items to create is Life History Sticks. These are designed based on a person’s information, such as their birthday, memorable dates, names or nicknames, favorite sport teams or hobbies, and more. Life History Sticks are priceless pieces of work that are also functional – and they make great gifts for someone that is difficult to shop for!

Ms. Sticks also creates Eagle Scout Sticks for boys about to earn their Eagle Scout rank. She has been licensed with Boy Scouts of America for almost 10 years now.

From unique, simple designs for any age, to intricate projects that can take up to 10 hours to create, Ms. Sticks’ artwork teaches her to listen more to others. She enjoys speaking with customers to create a one of a kind, functional work of art with their ideas on it. Ms. Sticks can be found at art shows, online or on Facebook.

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