Metal Earth Jewelry Company


Janet Gillis is thrilled to attend the CAMF for the first time. Living in Rochester, and vacationing in Canandaigua, Janet has been wanting to revisit the area and the CAMF came at just the right time. The medium she most uses is sculpture, which are in her jewelry designs. She loves to paint and her love of watercolor, the openness and airy design in Japanese watercolors is translated into her jewelry.

Janet uses recycled materials for renewed use in jewelry and other art products. The art and design in wire work, including copper and sterling silver wire, natural stones, crystals and shells all are a way of designing her jewelry. Using geometric designs, balance, and negative space all help to create her airy, lyrical necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

Janet likes to use recycled materials because there is already too many wasted materials in the environment right now. She recycle purses, hats, picture frames with lace, jewelry, and lake shells made into flowers. This is her way of helping keep our earth cleaner.

If there is one thing Janet has learned through her art it is always to encourage people to create and learn to express themselves through arts and crafts.