Macarollin’ is Putting on the Breaks at CAMF!

Mac and Cheese lovers, UNITE! Macarollin’ is back and ready to serve up your favorite noodle and cheese combinations.

Flavor Profile: Macarollin’ provides savory comfort food that is ideal for anyone, no matter your age!

Grab it Before It’s Gone: Macarollin’ is home to some unique and savory dishes, including the Lobster Mac & Cheese! This is the best selling item on the menu, so don’t wait for them to sell out!

The Macarollin’ Favorite: The Caprese Mac & Cheese is the Macarollin’ favorite because of the many colors and the beautiful presentation. Not to mention, it’s absolutely delicious!

The Signiture Ingredient: The Sherry Shallot Gastrique in the Lobster Mac is a very notable and delicious ingredient in our most popular dish! We can’t tell you what’s in it, but you won’t regret a large helping of this fantastic meal!