Kenneth Faunchman Creates 3-D Sceneries of Underwater Life

By Kelly Sabetta

Kenneth Faunchman, a Fine Artist from Buford, GA, produces one-of-a-kind art that highlights aquatic sceneries. An oil-painter, Kenneth uses brush work to create nautical pieces, underwater scenes, tropical fish, and more. His work is different from other painters, in that his work is 3-Dimensional, and viewers must wear glasses to get the full effect of his creations.

“It took me seven years to develop the idea of 3-D art,” said Kenneth, who receives rave reviews about the 3-D qualities in his work, beautiful turquoise colors, and concepts with underwater life.

Kenneth has always been interested in fish and water, and rightfully so, as he grew up in a family full of fisherman from Nova Scotia. His wife, too, comes from a family of lobster fisherman. Inspired by both family histories, Kenneth’s artwork reflects his upbringing and early history. “All of my paintings have water in them, including lakes and ocean scenes,” he said.

Kenneth has been an artist since he could remember. When he was a young child he was interested in art and crafts, and as he grew older he took courses in school. “I don’t remember not being passionate about art,” said Kenneth. “I’ve been doing this professionally for 38 years now; it’s a full-time occupation for me.”

Kenneth’s work is sold and distributed throughout the country, as well as internationally for the past 28 years. Sold throughout the United States, Germany, Japan, Guam, and England, Kenneth has had his work featured in numerous galleries and museums.

“I’m proud of my work,” said Kenneth. “I’ve dedicated my life, heart, and soul into my artwork.”

Attending the Canandaigua Art and Music Festival, people can expect to experience his 3-D sceneries and his dedication and passion for what he does. “They’ll see something totally unique,” said Kenneth. “Some people feel as if they are walking into an aquarium. I’ll also have 3-D glasses at shows so people can see the work.”

For more information about Kenneth and his 3-D work, visit his Web site,, and visit his booth at this year’s Canandaigua Art and Music Festival, Friday, June 16th through Sunday, June 18th.