Karen For Your Skin

Karen For Your SkinAlthough Karen for Your Skin’s goods are not made of canvas and oil, silver and gold, or metal and glass, her products and her craft are definitely works of art!

Karen for Your Skin makes hand-blended skin care products using all-natural ingredients, organic whenever possible, and 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. She creates insect repellent, sun protection, lip balm, bentonite clay masks, and more! All of Karen for Your Skin products are made with care in small batches to ensure quality and consistency.

Karen for Your Skin started when she created the popular Miracle Moisturizer™ – inspired by her dad. We had the chance to hear the story from Karen about how Karen for Your Skin got started:

Karen for Your Skin“When my father turned 80 years old, all he wanted was a birthday card.  Well, come on, he was turning 80! He has a jar of lanolin which I remember he had when I was a little girl… let’s just say it is old!  It was still workable, only very tacky. I had to buy Daddy a new jar of lanolin – who else would ever think to get him one?!”

According to Karen, that’s all it took. “I made Miracle Moisturizer™ and I was hooked!  As soon as I received all of the ingredients I made it…first try and I knocked it out of the ballpark!  I have never, nor will I ever, change my original formula!”

After that, she had to make more products and now here she is – with her products available in Aurora’s Barber & Beauty Salon in Victor, Inspire Moore Winery & Vineyard and Naples Apothecary in Naples, and INDO in Asheville, NC.

If you’re itching to get your hands (or feet, or face) on one of Karen for Your Skin’s products, make sure to visit her booth at the festival!