John Bolger Band

John Bolger BandJohn Bolger Band plays a variety of music from rhythm & blues to swing, a little Motown, funky rock & roll, 60 & 70s hits as well as some new songs whenever they can.

The band named was decided by a former bass player. When John Bolger asked him what they should name the group, he responded, “Why don’t we call it the John Bolger Band?” John hadn’t thought of naming it that, but said, “Okay, that’s easy enough.” And so, the John Bolger Band was born.

John is inspired by “everything that has caught my ear since I started hearing music.” That includes old jazz, some modern jazz, music from the 60s such as the Beatles, soul music from the 70s, some rock, folk and old country. Blues music has always been a big favorite for him. He also loves musical instruments and feels BB King is one of the really influential guitarists of the last 50-some years.

John Bolger Band will be rocking the Mobile Music Stage on Friday, July 15 from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. You may even hear them play “Brown Eyed Girl,” their most requested song!