Images by Michael

Images by Michael decided to join the Festival because of how appreciative the City of Canandaigua is of all forms of art.

Michael is a Nature, Fine Art and Portrait Photographer.  He values the diversity in nature, interpreting the patterns and textures he see in the chaos of nature, and observing the interplay of wildlife. His photographs reflect his personal view of our natural world, a personal view that transitions to his portraits by joining people in their intimate surroundings where they are most comfortable.

Most of his photos are natural representations of the subject.  However, once in awhile he uses Photoshop and Painter programs to alter the initial image.  Most of his work is prepared as giclee prints on archival cotton fiber paper, but he also offers wrapped canvas and metal prints.

One of his projects has been to photograph a series of cut flower blossoms on a light table.  His inspiration was to use the light passing through the flower and the available translucence of the flower to reveal details in the flower blossom. Each blossom only takes a few minutes, but he has been adding to the series for several years as he finds different blossoms suitable to photograph in this manner.

Michael has learned through his art that nature and light are always changing and sometimes it’s okay to sit and enjoy what is being revealed. He is working on new black and white photographs of rock formations and trees that will be unique to the CAMF. Anyone interested in purchasing his photographs can visit the Cattaraugus County Arts Council Main Street Store in Allegany, NY or through his website