Gourmet Creations, Making Dining Memorable

Stacie Bourne and her Mother Charlotte began creating gourmet dips, dessert mixes and olive oil blends out of necessity. 

“We like to cook gourmet dinners, and we found we didn’t care for a lot of the dips we could buy, or we were allergic, so we started creating our own,” explained Stacie. 

Olive Oil Blends delight the palate

Olive Oil Blends delight the palate

That’s how Gourmet Creations was born.  Stacie and Charlotte started small, preparing products from herbs and selling them at flea markets.  Soon, they expanded their product line to incorporate suggestions from people they met.  Now their business has grown so much that they have assistance mixing and packaging the herbs.

More than 30 different dessert mixes, some sugar-free

More than 30 different dessert mixes, some sugar-free

“Most of our products are sold at craft shows or through our internet business, which has really grown.  People love our products for fundraising events too.  A number of our clients buy the products at wholesale and sell it in gourmet, gift and specialty shops.”

When asked about their top seller, Stacie responded, “Definitely the Roasted Garlic and Herb Olive Oil Blend!  We package the perfect combination of herbs together, so all you do is add olive oil.  That’s part of the reason we’ve been so successful – people are looking for fast and easy ways to create delicious meals.”   

Stacie and Charlotte Bourne invite you to stop by the Gourmet Creations booth at the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival.


  1. These are the BEST DIPS I have ever tasted. If you want flavor that really lasts and makes your food taste great these are the ones to get. I even use them in my crock pot for roasts. The Olive Oil Dips are best with a Chicken Scampi, and for dessert I have the Royal Hawaiin Cheese cake mix as a fruit dip. The best idea was to sell these dips as a fundraiser and did very well with it. Don’t pass this opportunity up to get them .

  2. Debi –

    Thanks for sharing your comments. I’ll definitely have to try some of your ideas. I never thought of using one of the dips in a crock pot – what a wonderful idea. And the Royal Hawaiian Cheesecake mix sounds divine!

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