Dip In to Gourmet Creations

CAMF (that’s us – Canandaigua Art & Music Festival) got the scoop on a tried-and-true Festival exhibitor, Gourmet Creations. Stacie Bourne and her mother work together to make spice blends that come alive when you add olive oil, sour cream, mayo, yogurt, hummus, cream cheese or whipped cream.

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When did you start? “15 years ago my mother and I started making our dips in our kitchen with a variety of herbs and spices.”

What goes in a blend? “We use herbs and spices from all over the country from dill weed to dehydrated raspberries in our blends.”

How do you develop new blends? “We’re inspired to create new flavors based on current food trends and fresh combinations of spices.”

What new for the Festival? “Come try our new Cucumber Dill mix in Canandaigua!”

What have you learned from creating your business? “What we learned best in creating our Gourmet Creations is that it is worth being patient to make something great!”

Where else can people buy your blends? “We do art & craft shows all over the country and sell on our website at www.gourmetcreations.net.”