Dan Eaton Band: Musician in the Kitchen

Many of our recent posts have featured the many talented artists you will find at this year’s festival, but it’s high time that we started talking tunes.  With ten groups from wide ranges of backgrounds and styles, this year’s musical entertainment is sure to be the best the festival has seen yet. (See the full line up here)

We sat down with Dan Eaton of the Dan Eaton Band to talk a bit about his music and his interesting life outside the band, as well as his upcoming first appearance at the Canandaigua Arts & Music Festival.

Dan tells us that he did not start playing guitar until the age of 18, but that his love of creating music reaches back several years further.  In his early teens, he spun original melodies in his head and wrote his own lyrics, just one example of the creativity he exhibits in his music today.

“From early on I had friends that were in bands and they were a great inspiration but, more than that, I think I have always had songs in me. I still don’t quite understand where they come from…sometimes I just get out of the way and they flow through me.”

Though he played a lot of coffee house gigs in college, Dan soon followed his culinary passion and became a professional chef.  His new career left him much less time to play with his band, and most of his public events were put on hold.

Dan now hosts Cooking at Home, a segment on YNN, (check out the page here) and is able to make music with his band and play live events like our festival (lucky for us).

The Dan Eaton band has a very diverse set of inspirations, as Dan himself appreciates a very wide variety of musical genres and styles.

“I’d have to say that my music is an American roots-rock blend with a little pop sensibility mixed in for good measure. It definitely runs the gamut of emotions and, in my mind, mostly speaks to real adult life situations and relationships.”

Dan says festival attendees can expect “great sounding original music that relates to people’s lives.”  The Dan Eaton band is also in the process of recording their very first full-length CD with Phil Geiger at Spirit East Studios.  To hear some of the band’s music, visit their Facebook page and head down to the festival stage on Friday July 13 between 3:45 and 5:00pm.

“I’m a big believer in the power of love and I try to put a little into everything I do . . . from the songs I write to the meals I cook and everything else in between.”