Music of the CAMF 2014: Earth Science

We are enthralled to introduce an upcoming Jazz ensemble from the Eastman School of Music to the Canandaigua Art and Music Festival. They have performed various events in the Rochester area, including the recent Rochester International Jazz Festival. Earth Science consists of Andrew Links (pianist), Brandon Choi (trumpeter), Tyrone Allen (bass), Aaron Staebell (drums) and Wendy Eisenberg (guitar). The band plays different dialects of jazz; from post jazz to experimental, and they draw inspirations from other genres of music. We got to talk to Wendy, the lead guitarist and head honcho of the band. She tells us that she came up with the band because:

In high school my boyfriend was in the Earth Science class while I took physics and I was always really jealous, because they got to travel to places around Maryland (where I grew up) and look deeply at the flora and rocks and land formations and just be curious, while the physics kids were mostly stuck indoors.


Though the explanation was back in time, she continues that the name of the band is based on her exploration point as a musician and the name seemed fitting. The band was formed for her senior jazz guitar recital in Eastman and a collaboration with Aaron Staebell; who is an accomplished jazz drummer in Rochester and in various parts of the country.

Many of Wendy’s inspirations are drawn from poetry and she relies on the mood and emotional tact from these pieces to inspire her intricate composition choices. The band’s philosophy is summed up by one of her compositions titled “You Go By The Rules But The Rules Don’t Matter,” inspired from a John Berryman poem and is one of Wendy’s compositions. The band also draws inspiration from the likes of Miles Davis, Fiona Apple and Jimi Hendrix.

Festival goers should expect some interesting new sounds from this upcoming jazz band and are encouraged to enjoy this “experimental” style of jazz. Do not miss class and watch Earth Science perform Friday 18th July at 3:45PM at the Commons Park Main Stage.

Music of the CAMF 2014: Vintage

Performing for the first time at the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival is a classic rock band not too far from Canandaigua with a simple concept yet edgy sound, Vintage. We talked to Chuck Hixon, one of the band members.

Guitarist Doug Montececchio came up with the name and it just stuck. The band formed when they were teenagers but was halted when they were in their twenties (marriage, families and jobs were a priority). Twenty years went by and they decided to put the band back together. It all started when they decided to perform a couple of songs on a summer camping trip and during that trip “several campers from other sites asked us to keep playing and even ‘paid’ us with free beer.”


They have a full band and acoustic band (they will be performing as an acoustic band) and perform classic rock from the 70s through today. Vintage’s covers include music from David Bowie and Neil Young. Most requested songs? Standards like “What I Like About You” from the Romantics and “A Hard Day’s Night” from the Beatles. Chuck mentions that one of his inspirations for band are The Beatles because their songs were full of energy, passion and “gusto.”

It might be 90 degrees the day of the festival but do not be surprised if Vintage shows up wearing leather vests and fedoras. “It’s a Vintage look,” Chuck tells us. Most of their fans, friends and family are in Victor, NY so they are excited to perform in a familiar location close to home. To find out more about Vintage, visit their site:, their Facebook page and their YouTube channel. They take on the stage (hopefully with their leather vests and fedoras) Friday 18th July at 5:30PM – 7:00PM.

Music of the CAMF 2014: Brian Lindsay

Want a little of rock for your Canandaigua Art & Music Festival experience? Be ready for some Brian Lindsay, a singer – song writer who is heavily influenced by rock and roll. Brian composes original songs and boasts having one of his songs, King of the Mountain, hold a #1 spot on a radio station in Ocean City, Maryland for 2 weeks in a row. He finds inspiration from the sounds of Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, and his surroundings of the Finger Lakes.

The audience should be ready for some classic rock and roll sounds that “does not rely on gimmicks.” They are ready for their fans, friends and family in the Canandaigua area to come see them at the festival! To hear more stuff from Brian (which include his newest album “The Monkey, The Tango, and the Boogaloo,”) check out his website: He is up on stage ready to rock on Saturday 19th July, 1:45PM until 3:00PM at the Commons Park Main Stage.


Brian CD cover The Monkey

Music of the CAMF 2014: Automatic James

After performing in 2012’s Canandaigua Art & Music Festival, Automatic James is back with a new name and a new sound. We talked to Eric Manzler who plays guitars and vocals in the band and mentions that the band came together with “old friends and new ones.” The band consists of John Goodnow on bass, Jimmy Burns on drums, Manny Gaspar on keyboards & vocals and Jeff Longcore on guitar & vocals. According to Eric, the name is “more fun if people use their imaginations!”


The band plays a mixture of covers, which ranges from The Grateful Dead, Johnny Cash, Incubus, Jack Johnson and even the Dixie Chicks (yes, the Dixie Chicks). They also compose original pieces and one of their most popular numbers is titled Memphis Blue, which was written by Jeff. Their musical inspiration is eclectic with a little bit of blues, and rock and roll with notable sounds from James Taylor, Bob Dylan and the Beatles.

Festivalgoers have been warned; these guys may go on a 20-minute improvisational jam if the mood hits them. Eric, John and Manny has lived in Canandaigua before and the band is excited to come back home to perform for those who have enjoyed hearing them perform!

Get to know the band on their Facebook Page, their band website,  and watch them perform on Saturday, July 19th at 12 P.M. at the Commons Park, Main Stage (in Main Street).

The Fools & Mary Ellen: A Unique Spin on Music

This week we spoke with Mary Ellen Hayden of The Fools to find out a bit more of what we can expect to hear at this year’s Canandaigua Art & Music Festival.

The band has a unique style that they describe as a mixture of R&B, rock, soul, and blues.  Mary Ellen says  each member of the band is incredibly talented and easy to work with.

“Together, we really do produce a unique spin on music.
People will be surprised at some of the things we do!”

At the moment, you can find their music only on their website, but the Fools are working on recording their first album.

Aside from singing for the Fools, Mary Ellen keeps herself incredibly busy with countless musical projects.  She recently recorded backing vocals for Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake and Palmer for his recent tour.

My voice went to all these exciting places…without me!

She starred as Janis Joplin in the touring production of “Love, Janis” and was a Pink Floydette in the “Dark Side of the Moon” show.  Her impressive musical resume continues to grow and evolve her individual style all the time. She recently recorded with Russell Thompkins, Jr. of Stylistics and Jay Proctor of Jay and The Techniques.

Those sessions are always fun because I get to do lots of harmonies AND sing with legendary artists.

On top of all the musical accomplishments Mary Ellen has accrued, she also has extensive experience in voicing for the advertising industry.  Her voice has been featured in hundreds of television and radio ads internationally.

Come down to the festival on July 14, 2012 from 3:30-5:00pm to catch their act.

We’re gonna shake up Main Street, Canandaigua, that’s what we’re gonna do and there’s is no place like the “Chosen Spot” to do it!