R. Harold Greenlee – Beautiful Fused Glass Creations

We will be seeing some very unique designs at the festival this year, one being fused glass by R. Harold Greenlee. After chatting with him, we can share with you how he began creating fused glass creations!unnamed-1

The Beginning: Harold had been creating stained glass pieces for 20 years, and was looking to take his artwork in a new direction. It was at that time he was in Florida, he happened to meet another artist who worked with fused glass. He has been enchanted with fused glass artwork ever since!

What is Fused Glass? Fusing glass is a delicate process of heating glass in a kiln to create beautiful works of art. Harold uses his very own kiln to create all the works he sells.

unnamed-2Projects for the Festival: One of the pieces he regularly creates is a fused glass guitar, which takes three hours to make! He also has plates, vases, pendants and many other designs for sale. Our favorite is that Harold takes orders, so you can have a customized piece shipped directly to you after the festival!

What have you learned from your art? The creativity and patience involved.