Food Truck Rodeo and Wine & Beer Garden

Join us Friday, July 15th from noon to 9 p.m. as we kick off the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival with our second annual Food Truck Rodeo, featuring:

Empire Express


Meat the Press


Neno’s Gourmet Mexican Street Food Neno's
Rob’s Kabobs


The Original Mac & Cheez original mac and cheez

Rochester’s deliciously famous food trucks will be serving up everything from deli-style sandwiches and melts, sloppy joes and gourmet kabobs, to fried mozzarella, mac ‘n cheese and burritos.Simply Crepes

Grab your food and head next door to the Wine and Beer Garden at Simply Crepes Cafe from 5-9 p.m. for drinks and live music by The Dads.





Sweet or Salty – The Choice is Yours! B&B Kettle Korn

B&B Kettle Korn is coming back to Canandaigua again this year with their delicious kettle korn. You can’t find gourmet kettle korn this fresh again (well, maybe not until next year) – so get it while it’s hot!

Flavor Profile: Our flavor profile is pure, classic kettle korn. Our recipe always remains the same, so customers are left with a delectable treat that isn’t too salty or sweet.

Get it Before It’s Gone: Our salted caramel is the best-selling item.  It’s tricky to cook, so we always make it in the morning and sell whatever is on the table.

B&B’s Favorite: Our favorite item is the original kettle korn. Overall, it’s an interactive process that typically draws people in to watch us serve up a delicious snack.

Secret Ingredient: Ours is a mixture of several ingredients, but mainly the consistent and strict adherence to a well-proven recipe is the secret to our success!




Macarollin’ is Putting on the Breaks at CAMF!

Mac and Cheese lovers, UNITE! Macarollin’ is back and ready to serve up your favorite noodle and cheese combinations.

Flavor Profile: Macarollin’ provides savory comfort food that is ideal for anyone, no matter your age!

Grab it Before It’s Gone: Macarollin’ is home to some unique and savory dishes, including the Lobster Mac & Cheese! This is the best selling item on the menu, so don’t wait for them to sell out!

The Macarollin’ Favorite: The Caprese Mac & Cheese is the Macarollin’ favorite because of the many colors and the beautiful presentation. Not to mention, it’s absolutely delicious!

The Signiture Ingredient: The Sherry Shallot Gastrique in the Lobster Mac is a very notable and delicious ingredient in our most popular dish! We can’t tell you what’s in it, but you won’t regret a large helping of this fantastic meal!

Clean Eating with Effortlessly Healthy

paleo plate

The Paleo Plate

The Effortlessly Healthy food truck will be driving out to Canandaigua all three days of the festival. Save some room for ridiculously wonderful, that are also healthy, offerings. If you’re counting calories, on a special diet, or just looking for something good to eat, you should visit Effortlessly Healthy.

What’s your flavor profile? We offer paleo-inspired and clean eating foods. All of our meals are under 400 calories and are gluten-free, dairy-free, and preservative-free.

Ahi Tuna

Ahi Tuna

What’s your best-selling item? Our most popular item is our “Healthy Trash Plate” (Paleo Plate), it has a burger or chicken over sweet potatoes and slaw and is topped with avocado sauce. We also offer add-ons of bacon or meat sauce, making it similar to the popular “Garbage Plate”

What’s your favorite item to make? I personally love making the ahi tuna salad – maybe because it’s my favorite and I put it on the menu because I always want to eat it! Ahi tuna seared, served over roasted red peppers and artichokes, topped with our secret avocado sauce.

What’s your signature ingredient? Our secret avocado sauce, we can’t give the recipe!! 🙂

chicken bacon avocado

Chicken & Bacon with Avocado Sauce

Venezuelan Street Food from Hello Arepa

hello arepa truckHello Arepa is one of five food trucks coming to the festival this year. An Arepa is “a grilled then baked corn flour patty, stuffed with tastiness.” It’s based on a Venezuelan recipe for delicious street food. We asked Arthur, maker of delicious arepas, what we can expect from his truck at the festival.

arepa with fetaWhat’s your flavor profile?

Venezuelan food is generally not spicy, it’s comfort food. And being a foodie who’s also approaching two decades as a non-dairy vegetarian, I know how easy it is for veg fair to go bland. I hate that. So, our profile tends to be very flavorful, without heat. We try to honor the tradition of Venezuelan arepas, but we definitely put our own spin on things.

What’s your best-selling item? Aka what should people buy before it sells out?

Our take on Rochester’s garbage plate tends to sell out pretty quickly. It’s a cut-up arepa beneath: local organic black beans, BBQ tofu (chorizo on the non-veg version) and plantain chips, all covered in feta and cheddar jack cheese, sriracha mayo, avocado creme (V), and fresh pico de gallo. Because it relies on the ingredients from some of our more popular arepas (BBQ tofu in particular), our plates don’t stay on the menu long.

Interestingly our most popular item, the chorizo arepa, generally doesn’t sell out, because we almost always have more ingredients in the fridge if we need it.

arepa plate

What’s your favorite item to make? Why?

Probably the Vene Ranchero. It’s our black beans with cheddar/jack cheese, pico de gallo, and an over-easy fried egg. There’s something very satisfying about cooking fried eggs, short-order style. It makes me feel more like a chef than an arepa factory.

Tell us about the most unique on your menu.

I guess that would be our arepa with salted maple tofu, ginger aioli and escarole. It’s something that I just made up after the earthquake in Rochester last May. Everyone was joking about the quake, because lots of folks felt it and it did no real damage. So we wanted to make up something unique to “celebrate.” Since it was spring and maple syrup wash fresh, that’s what I came up with. We called it the “ROC Quake Special” that weekend. But people loved it so much, we bring it back every now and then with the snappy title, “Salted Maple Tofu.”

arepa tortillasWhat’s your signature ingredient?

The masa, no question. It’s the star of the show. There is only one flour that can be used to make genuine Venezuelan arepas. It’s a fine-ground pre-cooked white corn meal. Without that ingredient, we’d be in big trouble.