Childtime Creations

Lindsey Alexander, creator of Childtime Creations is thrilled to return to CAMF again this year. Childtime Creations stemmed from projects made when her nephews were born and friends started having kids. Everyone commented positively on the work and encouraged her to make more or give them as gifts. Lindsey was inspired to continue making work that people loved!

Childtime Creations uses 100% cotton quilting fabrics and polyfill as primary mediums. This allows durability for all little ones and everything is machine washable! All quilts are made from patterns Lindsey designed based off of the scale of the fabric prints that appeal to her. Each quilt takes about a day to complete from planning, to cutting, sewing, quilting and binding. Over time her work evolves; the patterns and colors that appeal change over time which allows for many variations of the same product.

To see more of Childtime Creations work search the company on Etsy, where she can take requests for custom work to create pieces specific to your desires. Lindsey enjoys the interactions with the visitors that come and the fun artsy environment the festival brings in a great town. What keeps her crafting is the happiness that the work brings her. Make sure to stop by to visit Childtime Creations to see a couple brand new products!


Vicki’s Block Printed Clothing

Vicki Brouk will be returning to the Canandaigua Arts and Music Festival for the second consecutive year. This year, her block printing designs were created using a new technique – cutting pieces and gluing them onto blocks then printing the designs. She is using recycled Styrofoam plates to carve designs as well as the traditional linoleum blocks.

Vicki looks forward to returning this year because of how the public reacted to her designs last year. She said her biggest compliment from customers is her “eye for color” which is most noticeable on the T-shirts.  Be ready to see some adorable summer dresses, crew neck tees for men, and a variety of tunics for the ladies at this year’s festival! The well-liked Finger Lakes tribute tee is back by popular demand, in addition to toasting wine glasses.

If you’re looking for some cool styles check out all the unique products at Vicki’s Block Printed Clothing.

Childtime Creations

Childtime Creations

Make sure you stop by Childtime Creations’ booth to view their handmade quilts. They’ve been working on creations with new, colorful summer fabrics specifically for our festival!

Lindsey of Childtime Creations explained how her quilts are influenced by the fabrics she uses and how she feels that day. First, Lindsey must love a fabric in order for it to be used in one of her creations. Next, the size of the print on the fabric must fit with the pattern of the quilt. Lastly, her work is a product of her mood. “If I’m upbeat, I tend to love the results… I think this shows in my work which is cheerful, fun, and playful.”

Childtime Creations constructs quality quilts that appeal to infants and children, ranging in design among traditional, modern and novelty. They use 100% cotton fabrics, batting, and thread in all of their products to ensure that they will wash and dry similarly and predictably. After all, these are children’s products and accidents happen!

Childtime Creations 1One of Lindsey’s recent favorites is a quilt that uses navy and lime green fabrics, for which her dad named it “Seahawk.” It features different geometric prints of various sizes. Although she usually pairs geometric prints with solids to balance out the final piece, this time she used small pieces of many kinds of fabric without making it look too busy or overpowering.

“The geometric triangle cuts, and rows of one color scheme each, formed naturally while playing with small pieces on the floor of my sewing room.  I liked how the patterns in each row would contrast by careful placement of dense patterns with less-dense patterns, and how the colors contrasted each row-to-row, but everything worked together to make a cohesive piece.”

These one-of-a-kind quilts take more than time to create; they also require dedication, vision and creativity. The piece described above took a whole day to construct: the morning to determine how to use the fabric, and the afternoon to make. “The concept can sometimes take the longest, and you hope the end result matches up toChildtime Creations 3 what you envisioned in your head while planning.”

Childtime Creations’ quilts are crafted in a spare bedroom turned sewing room and then sold at summer craft shows and online at and Custom creations are also available by emailing

Vicki’s Block Printed Clothing

Vicki's Block Printed Clothing Booth

Vicki Brouk will be bringing her block printed clothing to the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival. She will be featuring her wine and beer blocks to represent two of the things we all love about the Finger Lakes!

Vicki was originally commissioned to block print for Mountain Sun boutique in Canandaigua a few years back. She conferred with Judi Cermak, her former Bloomfield Central art teacher, and began block printing the boutique’s line of “Flax” linens and t-shirts. After the store eventually closed, Vicki continued block printing and participating in local festivals in the Rochester region.

Vicki’s designs are fun, unique, and truly one of a kind. Each garment is printed differently, so that no two are exactly alike. It’s not surprising that each item can take anywhere from 45 minutes for a t-shirt to complete, to hours for a dress or larger garment! All of her creative work takes place in the dining room of her Pittsford home.

Vicki’s Block Printed Clothing uses colors that are not easily replicated and symbols that speak of positive Vicki's3energies. Her fans especially like the designs that intertwine the traditional Adinkra symbols of Ghana.

Vicki is excited to be back on the road after taking a break while her kids finished college. Vicki’s Block Printed Clothing is available at local art shows – where she always brings something new – and through Custom orders are available by contacting her via phone, email, or Facebook!