Canandaigua Lions Club – Making Our Community a Happier Place to Live

Even if you’ve never heard of the Canandaigua Lions Club before, you have probably heard about of some of their contributions to our community! The Canandaigua Lions Club does all sorts of activities, as well as helping people in our community that are in need of financial assistance. They’re a pretty cool group of people that love Ontario County!

Message: Lions Clubs are organizations made up of civic-minded men and women who are interested in the betterment of their community.

Inspirations: The Lions Club wants to be more well known in the community that they love!

Projects in WNY: The local Lions Club provides vision screenings for children 6 months to 6 years in every school district in Ontario County, as well as in day care centers, private schools and soon, for home schooled children! Eye exams and basic eyeglasses are given to individuals who could not otherwise afford them or do not qualify for public assistance.

The Lions Club also puts on a ton of cool events, such as the annual Kids Fishing Derby, bingo for residents at Thompson Hospital’s Continuing Care facility, and various programs aiding the Canandaigua Veterans Club and Blue Star Mothers in Canandaigua.

How to Get Involved: You can find out how to get involved at the booth at the Canandaigua Art Festival! Be a part of a program that is nearly 4 million members worldwide to help your local community as well as aid natural disasters that occur around the world.

What Kids Can Expect: There will be stand-up animal cut-outs with face holes that parents can take pictures of their kids posing in! There will be a gorilla, and of course, a LION!

Camp Good Days – Doing Great Things!

Camp Good Days is an organization designed to create opportunities and inspire people hurt by cancer or sickle cell anemia and to guide them through their tough times. They have offices all throughout Western NY and help over a thousand children in the area every year.

Message: Many people think that Camp Good Days programs only apply to children that have cancer/sickle cell anemia, but there are also programs for children in the same family as someone effected. Camp Good Days also have programs for siblings of a child living with these diseases, as well as for children with a parent still living camp11with or a parent that has passed from these diseases. They also have an Adult Oncology Program, which is 3-4 retreat weekends in the summer. There is also a Brain Tumor Family Retreat, wherein one member of a family has a brain tumor, and the whole family can attend the program. All of these programs are free of charge to the participants. They said they “never wanted a parent that had a child with cancer to have to choose between making a mortgage or car payment, rather than sending a loved one to camp.”

Inspirations: Courage is found in many different shapes and sizes and is exemplified by all the campers at Camp Good Days. “Whether it’s a camper that has conquered the deep end in the swimming pool, a child that has climbed the rock wall, or children being there for each other as a support system,” there is always extraordinary courage demonstrated at the camping trips.

Projects in WNY: Each week in the summer, about 70 children pack their bags and head down to Camp Good Days with camps in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Ithaca. Each year, approximately 1,500 campers are served.

How to get involved: Camp Good Days has only been possible through the years because of the tremendous support from the community in volunteering and holding special events to raise the necessary funds to hold our programs. Festival-goers can sign up to volunteer at any of our programs online at, or hold a special event of their own.

What kids can expect: Children will be able to play corn-hole and have the opportunity to win Camp Good Days prizes.


Iroquois White Corn – Happy and Healthy

470-3Iroquois White Corn produces three kinds of GMO-free products made with “Good Minds” at Ganondagan, and they’re DELICIOUS! Because they rely on traditional methods to hand-grow, hand-pick and hand-process their corn, it is good for all of us and for Mother Earth. We can’t wait to see them at the festival this year, so we decided to learn a little more about them before the festival starts.

Message: Iroquois White Corn products are good for the world and for you. The corn is high in fiber, high in protein, gluten free and low in sugar! The only thing Iroquois White Corn adds is love.

Inspiration: The Iroquois White Corn goal is to restore the farming, consumption and distribution of the traditional Iroquois White Corn to Native communities and the community-at-large.


Projects in WNY: Iroquois White Corn honors and promotes the Haudenosaunee history and culture and strengthens traditions through inspirational and transformational programming and activities such as workshops, camps, the annual Native American Dance and Music Festival (July 25 & 26, 2015) and Canandaigua Treaty Day (November 11).

How to Get Involved: Contact Iroquois White Corn via phone at (585) 742-1690, by email at, or visit online at for lots of volunteer opportunities!

What Kids Can Expect: Kids can sample some of the Iroquois White Corn products and participate in a toss-across corn game while learning about the legend of The Three Sisters (corn, beans and squash)!

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