Karen For Your Skin

Karen For Your SkinAlthough Karen for Your Skin’s goods are not made of canvas and oil, silver and gold, or metal and glass, her products and her craft are definitely works of art!

Karen for Your Skin makes hand-blended skin care products using all-natural ingredients, organic whenever possible, and 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. She creates insect repellent, sun protection, lip balm, bentonite clay masks, and more! All of Karen for Your Skin products are made with care in small batches to ensure quality and consistency.

Karen for Your Skin started when she created the popular Miracle Moisturizer™ – inspired by her dad. We had the chance to hear the story from Karen about how Karen for Your Skin got started:

Karen for Your Skin“When my father turned 80 years old, all he wanted was a birthday card.  Well, come on, he was turning 80! He has a jar of lanolin which I remember he had when I was a little girl… let’s just say it is old!  It was still workable, only very tacky. I had to buy Daddy a new jar of lanolin – who else would ever think to get him one?!”

According to Karen, that’s all it took. “I made Miracle Moisturizer™ and I was hooked!  As soon as I received all of the ingredients I made it…first try and I knocked it out of the ballpark!  I have never, nor will I ever, change my original formula!”

After that, she had to make more products and now here she is – with her products available in Aurora’s Barber & Beauty Salon in Victor, Inspire Moore Winery & Vineyard and Naples Apothecary in Naples, and INDO in Asheville, NC.

If you’re itching to get your hands (or feet, or face) on one of Karen for Your Skin’s products, make sure to visit her booth at the festival!


Ms. Sticks

Ms. Sticks

Ms. Sticks5Ms. Sticks creates beautiful, handmade walking sticks, talking sticks, canes and keychains by hand. She’s been a long-time part of our festival and we’re excited to have her back this year!

The company began when Ms. Sticks herself lived in Cashiers, North Carolina. On her frequent hikes, she would pick up sticks from the ground and bring them home to play with. Her life changed forever once she was introduced to a wood burner. Overtime, better tools were used to speed up the design process – but it could never catch up to the creative thoughts in her mind!

She continues to find ways to make her sticks more interesting by adding recycled items such as recycled leather coats for the hand grips, compasses in the tops, crystals or bubbles, even door knobs. Sticks are made out of many types of wood, especially Aspen.

One of Ms. Sticks’ favorite items to create is Life History Sticks. These are designed based on a person’s information, such as their birthday, memorable dates, names or nicknames, favorite sport teams or hobbies, and more. Life History Sticks are priceless pieces of work that are also functional – and they make great gifts for someone that is difficult to shop for!

Ms. Sticks also creates Eagle Scout Sticks for boys about to earn their Eagle Scout rank. She has been licensed with Boy Scouts of America for almost 10 years now.

From unique, simple designs for any age, to intricate projects that can take up to 10 hours to create, Ms. Sticks’ artwork teaches her to listen more to others. She enjoys speaking with customers to create a one of a kind, functional work of art with their ideas on it. Ms. Sticks can be found at art shows, online or on Facebook.

Ms. Sticks1 Ms. Sticks2 Ms. Sticks3

Joan Burch

Joan BurchWe had the pleasure of catching up with singer songwriter Joan Burch to learn more about her musical style and inspirations.

Joan Burch considers herself “a late bloomer.” She feels that music was always waiting for her to take the leap to express it – and in 2007, she began writing songs and performing as a singer songwriter. Now, she’s known for her voice, which she’s been told, sounds like Joni Mitchell.

Joan’s music is a fusion of folk and jazz/pop, modeled after classic singer songwriters from the 70s, including Carol King, Jackson Browne and Dan Fogelberg. She writes what comes to her, putting her thoughts about people, places and situations into lyrics and melodies. Joan’s songs are a composite of her feelings expressed as one unit, which may explain why some songs are reflective and mellow, and others have a bite to them.

Joan BurchIn addition to being inspired by the events and people that surround her, she’s inspired by artists Dan Fogelberg, Todd Rundgren, Harry Nilsson, Carol King, Laura Nyro and Joni Mitchell.

Be prepared for Joan to switch things up during her set. Sometimes she likes to go from keyboard to guitar and back. For her 5’1” stature, her voice cuts through the noise somehow and carries well – which is good, because people tend to like her voice and vocals. Joan performs familiar songs as well as favorites off her albums. Fans like to hear Morning Light, Private Johnson, Up in the Air, All We Ever Wanted, Open Road and Joan Of Arc. Visit bandcamp to listen to some of her hits.

Don’t miss her performance on Saturday, July 16 from 12-1:15. Stop by and sing along!

Gadgets the Clown

gadgets the clown


We’re excited to welcome Gadgets the Clown back to the Art & Music Festival!

Gadgets will be “clowning around” from 1-3 p.m. on Friday and Sunday. Visit her for a balloon animal and other fun!

The festival has family fun for all ages. View our Kids & Family Fun page to see what other fun activities we have planned.

Childtime Creations

Childtime Creations

Make sure you stop by Childtime Creations’ booth to view their handmade quilts. They’ve been working on creations with new, colorful summer fabrics specifically for our festival!

Lindsey of Childtime Creations explained how her quilts are influenced by the fabrics she uses and how she feels that day. First, Lindsey must love a fabric in order for it to be used in one of her creations. Next, the size of the print on the fabric must fit with the pattern of the quilt. Lastly, her work is a product of her mood. “If I’m upbeat, I tend to love the results… I think this shows in my work which is cheerful, fun, and playful.”

Childtime Creations constructs quality quilts that appeal to infants and children, ranging in design among traditional, modern and novelty. They use 100% cotton fabrics, batting, and thread in all of their products to ensure that they will wash and dry similarly and predictably. After all, these are children’s products and accidents happen!

Childtime Creations 1One of Lindsey’s recent favorites is a quilt that uses navy and lime green fabrics, for which her dad named it “Seahawk.” It features different geometric prints of various sizes. Although she usually pairs geometric prints with solids to balance out the final piece, this time she used small pieces of many kinds of fabric without making it look too busy or overpowering.

“The geometric triangle cuts, and rows of one color scheme each, formed naturally while playing with small pieces on the floor of my sewing room.  I liked how the patterns in each row would contrast by careful placement of dense patterns with less-dense patterns, and how the colors contrasted each row-to-row, but everything worked together to make a cohesive piece.”

These one-of-a-kind quilts take more than time to create; they also require dedication, vision and creativity. The piece described above took a whole day to construct: the morning to determine how to use the fabric, and the afternoon to make. “The concept can sometimes take the longest, and you hope the end result matches up toChildtime Creations 3 what you envisioned in your head while planning.”

Childtime Creations’ quilts are crafted in a spare bedroom turned sewing room and then sold at summer craft shows and online at ChildtimeCreations.com and Etsy.com/shop/ChildtimeCreations. Custom creations are also available by emailing Childtime.Creations@gmail.com.