2 Crocked Pots

Roland and Pam, a very artsy couple and the creators of 2 Crocked Pots are delighted to join the CAMF again this year because of the great attendance it always brings. Pam and her husband started 2 Crocked Pots because they wanted an activity that would provide enjoyment to both of them.

Growing up in the Finger Lakes, Roland had many opportunities to experience the natural beauty of the area. He spent countless days hiking through woods, exploring hillsides and enjoying water activities on the lakes. Those memories have provided him with most of his inspiration for his art.

The pots are made in both stoneware and porcelain clay mediums. Each one takes around 4 hours to be painted, and that doesn’t include the time it takes to throw, dry, glaze and fire the pots. For the CAMF, Roland has developed two new patterns for his pots: banded elephants and banded dragonflies.

If there was one thing the couple has learned about artwork it is that “art creates itself so you must remain open to new possibilities”. Their studio with showroom is open by appointment.

Amy Montrois Band

After attending CAMF in the past, Amy Montrois decided to join this year as a musical act. She liked how different this festival is from others, and is excited to be a part of it this year!

Amy enjoys playing music that she likes to hear. Not having a particular influencer or inspiration allows her to experience all types of music. Her band plays a little bit of everything, including pop, rock, alternative and country. If she were able to front an original band, she would want it to be like Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, or Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds.

See Amy Montrois Band on the Mobile Music Stage on Sunday, July 16th from noon to 1:15. You may just catch them performing Black Horse and Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall, as it’s their most requested song!

Camp Get-A-Way

Last year was Camp Get-A-Way’s first year at the festival and after an overwhelming amount of people learned about the camp, they’re thrilled to return for another year. Being able to set up next to other non-profits allows festival goers to get lots of information about agencies that do an immense amount of work for the community.

Their Mission

Camp Get-A-Way is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the mission of strengthening and supporting families of children having an emotional, behavioral, or mental illness.

Their Vision

  • Offer whole family opportunities for recreational and skill building activities while living with a child with an emotional, behavioral, or mental illness disability.
  • Offer families the chance to rediscover the joy of being a family without the worry of discrimination or the stigma associated with mental health issues.
  • Allow parents to connect with and support other parents faced with similar challenges.

About the Camp

Camp Get-A-Way offers families in New York State the opportunity to participate in recreational and skill-building activities in a traditional summer camp environment. These activities help them rediscover the joy of being a family and teach them to better communicate with each other, without worry of discrimination or the stigma of being associated with mental health issues. The concept for camp was developed by parents living in the Western New York area.

Having a family member with a mental health diagnosis can be extremely stressful for an entire family, and going out to public events, dealing with the stigma and misconceptions associated with those who have a mental health diagnosis is overwhelming at times. Camp Get-A-Way offers families with the opportunity to experience the joys of a family bonding camping trip.

A 6-year volunteer for the camp mentions seeing firsthand the significant, noticeable,  and positive change in the families served.  Family activities include swimming, kayaking, fishing, horseback riding, archery, arts and crafts, and family games. Each family stays in their own cabin and all meals are provided. Representatives from the NY State Office of Mental Health are also on hand to provide information and to answer questions family members may have about NY State policies and mental health services in the New York area. It is a positive life changing experience for the families that attend.

For more information please visit: CGAW.org

Ontario County Fair

Stop out to the Community Cause-Way on Saturday and Sunday to meet with local non-profits and community organizations, including the Ontario County Fair. 

The 2017 Fair Queen will be at their booth talking about the County Agricultural Fair, which runs July 25 – July 29, 2017. Meet with her to learn about this year’s fair and enter to win a free weekly passes to the fair. And while you’re there, create a fork art masterpiece!

The mission of the Ontario County Fair is to provide a leading venue for showcasing Ontario County Agriculture, heritage and businesses that a “#1 agricultural county to live in” has to offer. Ontario County Fair will cultivate the next generation by providing programs that promote positive youth development and community education. Foster and grow our connection with Ontario County products along with offering wholesome family entertainment.


Childtime Creations

Lindsey Alexander, creator of Childtime Creations is thrilled to return to CAMF again this year. Childtime Creations stemmed from projects made when her nephews were born and friends started having kids. Everyone commented positively on the work and encouraged her to make more or give them as gifts. Lindsey was inspired to continue making work that people loved!

Childtime Creations uses 100% cotton quilting fabrics and polyfill as primary mediums. This allows durability for all little ones and everything is machine washable! All quilts are made from patterns Lindsey designed based off of the scale of the fabric prints that appeal to her. Each quilt takes about a day to complete from planning, to cutting, sewing, quilting and binding. Over time her work evolves; the patterns and colors that appeal change over time which allows for many variations of the same product.

To see more of Childtime Creations work search the company on Etsy, where she can take requests for custom work to create pieces specific to your desires. Lindsey enjoys the interactions with the visitors that come and the fun artsy environment the festival brings in a great town. What keeps her crafting is the happiness that the work brings her. Make sure to stop by to visit Childtime Creations to see a couple brand new products!