Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child, a project of the international relief organization, Samaritan’s Purse, hopes to distribute 12 million gift-filled shoe boxes this year to children in war-torn, poverty-stricken countries throughout the world. Since 1993, more than 146 million boys and girls in over 150 countries have experienced God’s love through the power of a simple shoe box gift from Operation Christmas Child. These gifts of hope become possible because ordinary people take the time to fill simple shoe boxes with toys, hygiene items, and school supplies that enable many children to attend school. Hundreds of true stories about children learning about the love of Christ, and sharing that love with families and their communities, inspire the volunteers every year.

As a returning organization to the Festival’s Community Cause-Way, they look forward to connecting with festival goers at this eclectic event and sharing their enthusiasm about Operation Christmas Child.

The Finger Lakes West Area of Operation Christmas Child also participates in the Palmyra Canal Days and Hobby Lobby events. Their “Journey of a Lifetime” at Long Acres Farm in Macedon on September 30, and at Lakeshore Church in North Greece on October 14, will lead visitors through a shoe box’s journey from home in the USA to a child in a faraway land.

To learn more about Operation Christmas Child and how to get involved, visit:

Metal Earth Jewelry Company


Janet Gillis is thrilled to attend the CAMF for the first time. Living in Rochester, and vacationing in Canandaigua, Janet has been wanting to revisit the area and the CAMF came at just the right time. The medium she most uses is sculpture, which are in her jewelry designs. She loves to paint and her love of watercolor, the openness and airy design in Japanese watercolors is translated into her jewelry.

Janet uses recycled materials for renewed use in jewelry and other art products. The art and design in wire work, including copper and sterling silver wire, natural stones, crystals and shells all are a way of designing her jewelry. Using geometric designs, balance, and negative space all help to create her airy, lyrical necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

Janet likes to use recycled materials because there is already too many wasted materials in the environment right now. She recycle purses, hats, picture frames with lace, jewelry, and lake shells made into flowers. This is her way of helping keep our earth cleaner.

If there is one thing Janet has learned through her art it is always to encourage people to create and learn to express themselves through arts and crafts.

Images by Michael

Images by Michael decided to join the Festival because of how appreciative the City of Canandaigua is of all forms of art.

Michael is a Nature, Fine Art and Portrait Photographer.  He values the diversity in nature, interpreting the patterns and textures he see in the chaos of nature, and observing the interplay of wildlife. His photographs reflect his personal view of our natural world, a personal view that transitions to his portraits by joining people in their intimate surroundings where they are most comfortable.

Most of his photos are natural representations of the subject.  However, once in awhile he uses Photoshop and Painter programs to alter the initial image.  Most of his work is prepared as giclee prints on archival cotton fiber paper, but he also offers wrapped canvas and metal prints.

One of his projects has been to photograph a series of cut flower blossoms on a light table.  His inspiration was to use the light passing through the flower and the available translucence of the flower to reveal details in the flower blossom. Each blossom only takes a few minutes, but he has been adding to the series for several years as he finds different blossoms suitable to photograph in this manner.

Michael has learned through his art that nature and light are always changing and sometimes it’s okay to sit and enjoy what is being revealed. He is working on new black and white photographs of rock formations and trees that will be unique to the CAMF. Anyone interested in purchasing his photographs can visit the Cattaraugus County Arts Council Main Street Store in Allegany, NY or through his website www.mrweishanphotography.com.

Patty Cancilla Art

A newcomer to the festival, Patty Cancilla is excited to join because she has always loved the area and vacations in Canandaigua every year!

Patty came up with her work because she wanted her jewelry to be unique from everything else out there. Patty has learned that through her work that people like things that are different. Women do not want to see the jewelry they wear on other women. She wants women to feel good about the piece when they wear it, to be complimented, and to know they received a good value.

Patty uses a technique called wire wrapping where she takes Sterling Silver & 14 kt. Gold-filled wire to create a one of a kind pendant, bracelet or earrings. It’s a technique she can do anywhere, and allows her to work when travelling. She didn’t want to use solder or heat because she creates jewelry out of fragile items like opal, cameo or shells, as well as stones, gems and beach glass. People can even bring vintage china and Patty will set it into lovely heirloom pieces of jewelry. Working in this medium produces a relatively affordable piece. For example, 14kt gold fill & Sterling Silver allows for a long lasting valuable piece without a heavy price tag.

Patty works out of her home in Grand Island, NY and displays in the art festivals around Western NY.  Her website www.PattyCancillaArt.com has a list of other shows she plans on attending.

Maria Victoria Savka

Recent Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) grad, Maria Victoria Savka, is new to the festival and bringing her herd of prints with her! Marie thinks Canandaigua is a lively town with a strong arts community, and enjoys visiting Main Street and area galleries.

Maria took part in RIT’s Fine Arts Studio and Illustration BFA programs and is an active member of the Print Club of Rochester. Most of her recent work  has been influenced by things that surround me, such as animals or landscapes. She is interested in conveying a whimsical and abstracted approach to her work. Maria uses many mediums for her work, as she likes to test herself and practice various methods. At the moment, she’s an avid printmaker, creating drypoints based on the quirks and personalities of animals.

The time it takes to create a drypoint animal prints varies based on the image. First she likes to get a feel for her reference by drawing it in various ways prior to scratching into my printmaking plate.

Drypoint printmaking is a subtractive process, where a sharp, needle-like tool scratches into a plate to form an image. It can be seen as a form of etching where no chemical is used, thus it has been named ‘dry–point’. Traditionally printmakers use copper plates, but currently many use laminated cardboard, zinc, and plexi-glas to create their images. Maria uses an exact-o knife for my prints, crosshatching the patterns and images into the plates.  Through her various crosshatching drawing she selects which she believe is the strongest and begins to lay out the pattern on her plate. Scratching it into the plate she creates her image’s opposite. Maria complete my plate once the image is scratched into the plate.  The time it takes to creating each print varies on whether she needs to prepare chine colle to the paper (gluing collage papers to the paper prior to printing over it), apply ink for the background or just create a proof.  It’s an experimental process as you can never guess how the water, pressure of the press and ink will react and sometimes you get the most unexpected surprises!

The one thing Maria has learned from her work is that her artwork is very flexible and tends to have many happy accidents! She enjoys experimenting with new techniques and seeing how it can change the image.

Maria’s works are at True Lily in Canandaigua, NY; Whitman Works Company in Penfield, NY; The West End Gallery in Corning, NY and various small shops in between these towns.  She sells small pieces online at: www.mariavictoriasavka.com, and much of her work can be inquired about through just emailing her at mariavictoriasavka@gmail.com