CAMF is Getting WILD

Attention all animal lovers, this year’s festival will have pony rides and a petting zoo!

2 Barn Farm is bringing a bunch of their four-legged friends, including a pig, miniature horse, donkey, zebu, bearded dragon, iguana, goats, llamas, baby lambs, rabbits, hedgehogs, chinchillas and tortoises!

Make sure to visit 2 Barn Farm at the festival and on facebook for more information!

pettingzoo1 pettingzoo4  pettingzoo5

Camp Get-A-Way – Changing lives one family at a time


Visit Camp Get-A-Way in our Community Cause-Way to learn more about their organization and to compete against others in a paddle ball activity!

“I volunteered 6 years ago and have been hooked ever since. I am amazed at the transformation I have seen in families in only a few short days at camp. It can be a life changing event, one that will not only strengthen the bonds in a family, but improve family communication and relieve a great deal of stress, allowing for your family to grow and flourish as never thought possible before.” – Volunteer James Thibert

What is Camp Get-A-Way?

They are a non-profit organization that provides an educational and supported camping experience for families who have a child with a Mental Health diagnosis. Over the past 12 years, hundreds of families across New York State have attended Camp Get-A-Way and felt that their families were more connected and stronger from the experience. Each family stays in their own family cabin, and participates in camp activities as a family.
Camp activities include:

  • Horseback riding
  • Archery
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Canoe and kayaking
  • Arts and crafts

When is Camp Get-A-Way?

Camp Get-A-Way offers three camp sessions (up to 19 families are accepted per session) at the end of August every year:

  • Aug 14-17
  • Aug 19-22
  • Aug 24-27
  • Open House on Aug 13th and Aug 18th

FB_IMG_1458853884271_resizedWhat makes Camp Get-A-Way so special?

They’re changing lives one family at a time. Camp Get-A-Way is a very unique camp in that it is extremely relaxing and educational. This camp also provides a unique opportunity to network with other parents who are struggling with similar issues with their children. Each camp session also has a representative from the New York State Office of Mental Health that can answer questions you may have about services for your child. If you are connected to a service provider that has access to flex funds, they may be able to assist in payment for this camp.

How did Camp Get-A-Way get started?FB_IMG_1458853989361_resized

Camp Get-A-Way was formed by a group of parents who all had children with a mental health diagnosis. These parents wanted to offer families in New York State the opportunity to participate in recreational and skill-building activities in a traditional summer camp environment. These activities help them rediscover the joy of being a family and teach them to better communicate with each other, without worry of discrimination or the stigma of being associated with mental health issues.

How do I get more involved with Camp Get-A-Way?

Visit their website ( for more information and to access camp applications and volunteer applications. As a not-for-profit, they gladly accept donations of food, arts and craft supplies, and (tax deductible) monetary donations.

“Thank you to all those who have made donations and continue to assist and support our camp.” – James Thibert


The Copper Potter

Learn about The Copper Potter from Heather herself:

The Copper Potter1Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Heather and I have been an artist all my life. My grandmother was my inspiration as a child, by gifting me art supplies at every holiday. I have been teaching for more than 26 years, and decided to start an Etsy shop just recently. I am often identified by my red hair, so “The Copper Potter” seemed only fitting.

The work that I create has really come out of the collecting my husband and I have done for years of old porcelain and antiques. We live a very eclectic life and enjoy mixing styles and creating our own look. I search for objects that have lost their mate…A lid to a pot, but no pot. A door knob without a door. These objects are the inspiration for many of my pieces. I design a piece around an old found object, to blend the old with the new. I have worked in many mediums, from sterling jewelry, paintings, fibers, but most recently clay. I enjoy throwing on the wheel and getting caught up in the art, when I am given the chance.

Visit The Copper Potter booth July 15-17!

Copper Potter 1 Copper Potter 2 Copper Potter 3


Gourmet Creations

Gourmet Creations may be known for their top of the line gourmet, vegetable dip mixes, olive oil blends and dessert mixes, but they sell more than that! They provide tasty, high quality products to make your dining experience more memorable.

Gourmet Creations1The business began in a kitchen when five dips were blended for a local farmer’s market. After these repeatedly sold out every week, Gourmet Creations decided to slowly expand their line. In addition to selling at more markets and arts & crafts shows, they sell their flavorful mixes on their website,

Gourmet Creations is committed to the innovation and development of delicious dips. Through their business, they’ve learned that they enjoy coming up with flavors no one else has thought of. Their combinations of dried herbs and spices appeal to a wide variety of tastes. Whether your preferences are sweet, savory or spicy their ever-expanding product line has something for everyone.

Gourmet Creations2Their latest creations, inspired by current food trends, are Asiago Roasted Garlic and Asiago Stuffed Artichoke. After two months in development, these two flavors are currently on their top sellers list.

If your mouth is already watering, thinking about their dry BBQ rubs, bacon & onion dip mix, or bruschetta blend – make sure to visit the Gourmet Creations stand at the festival!