Friends of Ganondagan

The Friends of Ganondagan, (The Friends) was formed in 1989 to lend physical, spiritual, and financial support to Ganondagan State Historic Site. Located in Victor, New York, it is the only New York State Historic Site dedicated to Native Americans (1987), and the only Seneca town developed and interpreted in the United States.

The Friends are Native Americans and non-Natives who share a common understanding of the significance of the past at the site. The Friends of Ganondagan, Inc. envision Ganondagan State Historic Site as the internationally recognized resource for Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) history, culture and living traditions that express universal ideals of peace cooperation and respect for each other and the natural world.

Friends of GanondaganTheir mission is to honor and promote Haudenosaunee history and culture and to strengthen traditions through inspirational and transformational programming and other activities at Ganondagan with special emphasis on:

  • Encouraging respect and understanding between Native Americans and non-native Americans.
  • Collaborating with NYS, Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) and the local community to support and develop Ganondagan State Historic Site.
  • Extending values to the public that are alternatives to the popular culture.
  • Developing Native American youth and educating them in the wisdom of their elders.
  • Collaborating with other indigenous people of the world as well as with diverse religious and ethnic communities to promote the common values of peace, cooperation and respect for each other and the natural world.

Learn more about the Friends of Ganondagan at our Community Cause-Way on Saturday and Sunday. They will be representing the conservation efforts on the site on Saturday with more emphasis on cultural preservation on Sunday, and providing fun activities for kids both days!

Brian Lindsay Band

Brian Lindsay Band will be taking the Mobile Music Stage on Friday, July 15 from 1:45-3:15 PM.

Brian Lindsay BandThe band is named after song writer Brian Lindsay, who put the band together with the best musicians available in 2015. They play rock, blues, alt-country, soul and old school country like Johnny Cash.

“Eastside of the River” is their most requested song. It charted for eleven straight weeks and comes from their first record “The Crossing.” Their second record “Esperanza” featured the single “King of the Mountain” that charted for multiple weeks, held the #1 spot at commercial station WOCM 98.1 (Ocean City, MD) for two straight weeks, and was selected for ESPN’s NASCAR Now national broadcast. Their third record “The Monkey, The Tango and The Boogaloo” is currently spinning on radio globally.

In addition to originals, their repertoire includes covers of The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Motown and more.

Be prepared for a fun-filled show with lots of popular songs you can dance to performed by top-notch players!

Brian Lindsay Band

On Hand Lotions

On Hand Lotions

On Hand Lotions creates truly natural body care made with deliciously-organic ingredients.

Owner and founder Hayna Humphries-Weems began formulating body care items because she wanted the best quality possible for her family and friends. Combining lifelong passions for natural living, science, and organic gardening, Hayna completed her first solid lotion bars in 2007. On Hand Lotions 2“When my children were born, our hands and faces were always chapped from frequent washing and outdoor play. Liquid lotions were messy and inconvenient to carry on our adventures and nothing was gentle enough for my babies’ eczema and sensitive skin,” explained Hayna. Salves and balms made with homegrown medicinal flowers and beeswax from her father’s honeybees soon followed.

Hayna and her husband Benjamin launched On Hand Lotions from their home kitchen in early 2014. Folks fell in love with the products as well as Hayna and Ben’s dedication to sustainability. In 2015, On Hand Lotions moved to a small facility in Naples, NY where Hayna and a tightly-knit team continue to carefully handcraft everything in small batches. This diverse line includes FDA-approved Sun’s Up! zinc oxide sunscreens, Bugscreen bug spray featuring homebrewed apple cider vinegar, herbal clay masks, frankincense chamomile serums, vegan deodorants, lip balms sweetened with homegrown stevia leaves, salves infused with homegrown calendula flowers, and thoughtfully-curated gift sets. All items are free of synthetic flavors, fragrances, colors.

On Hand LotionsOn Hand Lotions products are shipped and carried by several stockists worldwide from Australia to California to Canandaigua.  Please visit and click “Shop Local” for a complete list of stockists and events. And don’t forget to visit On Hand Lotions this weekend at the festival!

Canandaigua Emergency Squad

Canandaigua AmbCanandaigua Emergency Squad is the busiest volunteer 911 service in Ontario County, responding to 4,000 calls each year. CES has more than 65 volunteers and 14 full-time emergency medical technicians and paramedics, as well as per-diem paramedics. The Emergency Squad operates entirely without tax-based support and provides healthcare services and education, including first aid and CPR to reduce or mitigate medical traumatic emergencies, and has done so for 75 years.

CES merged with the East Bloomfield-Holcomb Fire Department last year, creating the East Bloomfield Volunteer Ambulance Division of CES. The cost involved to sustain the East Bloomfield Ambulance Service, which relied entirely on community donations, was too great for the East Bloomfield-Holcomb Fire Department to fund, thus the alternative to the merger was the dissolution of the East Bloomfield Ambulance Service. The merger also creates operating efficiencies as it allows CES to minimize its fleet of ambulances and utilize the two ambulances from East Bloomfield, which saves on maintenance and service costs. On average, it costs $35,000-$40,000 a year to maintain a rig. This is an exciting partnership that may serve as a model for other small Services to be able to maintain their service in their local communities.

The constant need to help all people and serve the community inspires the organization to share their message. CES is a volunteer-driven organization and is constantly looking to recruit additional volunteers. Volunteers make the difference and without their help and support, CES could not respond to the more than 4,000 calls it receives each year. For more information on volunteer opportunities on and off the ambulance with Canandaigua Emergency Squad, visit

Canandaigua Emergency Squad will be in our Community Cause-Way on Saturday and Sunday. Stop by their booth for more information on CES and to learn about volunteer opportunities. Kids will also be able to color ambulance cutouts and participate in fun demonstrations of proper hand washing and basic healthy tips!


John Bolger Band

John Bolger BandJohn Bolger Band plays a variety of music from rhythm & blues to swing, a little Motown, funky rock & roll, 60 & 70s hits as well as some new songs whenever they can.

The band named was decided by a former bass player. When John Bolger asked him what they should name the group, he responded, “Why don’t we call it the John Bolger Band?” John hadn’t thought of naming it that, but said, “Okay, that’s easy enough.” And so, the John Bolger Band was born.

John is inspired by “everything that has caught my ear since I started hearing music.” That includes old jazz, some modern jazz, music from the 60s such as the Beatles, soul music from the 70s, some rock, folk and old country. Blues music has always been a big favorite for him. He also loves musical instruments and feels BB King is one of the really influential guitarists of the last 50-some years.

John Bolger Band will be rocking the Mobile Music Stage on Friday, July 15 from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. You may even hear them play “Brown Eyed Girl,” their most requested song!