Sweet or Salty – The Choice is Yours! B&B Kettle Korn

B&B Kettle Korn is coming back to Canandaigua again this year with their delicious kettle korn. You can’t find gourmet kettle korn this fresh again (well, maybe not until next year) – so get it while it’s hot!

Flavor Profile: Our flavor profile is pure, classic kettle korn. Our recipe always remains the same, so customers are left with a delectable treat that isn’t too salty or sweet.

Get it Before It’s Gone: Our salted caramel is the best-selling item.  It’s tricky to cook, so we always make it in the morning and sell whatever is on the table.

B&B’s Favorite: Our favorite item is the original kettle korn. Overall, it’s an interactive process that typically draws people in to watch us serve up a delicious snack.

Secret Ingredient: Ours is a mixture of several ingredients, but mainly the consistent and strict adherence to a well-proven recipe is the secret to our success!




The Music of CAMF 2015 – Vintage!

We are excited to introduce to you one of our entertainment groups that will be performing at the Canandaigua Art Festival this year – Vintage! We welcome them back and we’re ready to rock with them again! We talked to Chuck, one of the three members of this unforgettable group, to learn about his experience in the band and their excitement to perform for us this summer.

We asked Chuck where they came up with their band name, and he gave all the credit to their guitarist, Doug. He said it’s fitting, because their genre is vintage rock. These men have been performing together since they were teenagers, though they parted ways when marriages, families, and jobs became the highlight of their lives. 20 years later, they’re back and feeling great about the vibes they create with their music!

Vintage is inspired by the music of The Beatles, as they admire the energy that was put into The Beatles performances, though any artist that performs with passion inspires them. Chuck warns that you should be ready to listen to songs that will bring back memories! “Don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing to many of the songs that we perform,” Chuck also exclaimed. Two of their most requested songs are “What I Like About You” by the Romantics or “A Hard Days Night” by the Beatles, so keep your ears peeled for these fan favorites!

You can catch Vintage on the Boylan Code Stage Friday, July 17 from 5:30 to 7 PM! Don’t miss it!

Macarollin’ is Putting on the Breaks at CAMF!

Mac and Cheese lovers, UNITE! Macarollin’ is back and ready to serve up your favorite noodle and cheese combinations.

Flavor Profile: Macarollin’ provides savory comfort food that is ideal for anyone, no matter your age!

Grab it Before It’s Gone: Macarollin’ is home to some unique and savory dishes, including the Lobster Mac & Cheese! This is the best selling item on the menu, so don’t wait for them to sell out!

The Macarollin’ Favorite: The Caprese Mac & Cheese is the Macarollin’ favorite because of the many colors and the beautiful presentation. Not to mention, it’s absolutely delicious!

The Signiture Ingredient: The Sherry Shallot Gastrique in the Lobster Mac is a very notable and delicious ingredient in our most popular dish! We can’t tell you what’s in it, but you won’t regret a large helping of this fantastic meal!