R. Harold Greenlee – Beautiful Fused Glass Creations

We will be seeing some very unique designs at the festival this year, one being fused glass by R. Harold Greenlee. After chatting with him, we can share with you how he began creating fused glass creations!unnamed-1

The Beginning: Harold had been creating stained glass pieces for 20 years, and was looking to take his artwork in a new direction. It was at that time he was in Florida, he happened to meet another artist who worked with fused glass. He has been enchanted with fused glass artwork ever since!

What is Fused Glass? Fusing glass is a delicate process of heating glass in a kiln to create beautiful works of art. Harold uses his very own kiln to create all the works he sells.

unnamed-2Projects for the Festival: One of the pieces he regularly creates is a fused glass guitar, which takes three hours to make! He also has plates, vases, pendants and many other designs for sale. Our favorite is that Harold takes orders, so you can have a customized piece shipped directly to you after the festival!

What have you learned from your art? The creativity and patience involved.

Upstate New York Falun Dafa Association – Bringing a Dose of Culture to CAMF

The Upstate New York Falun Dafa Association is dropping in on the Canandaigua Art and Music Festival to share their message! They also have some really cool and cultural things for the kids to do in our Community Cause-Way.

Shen Yun 2016Message: China has 5,000 years of ancient civilization, however the essence of the tradition has been lost over the years. The Upstate New York Falun Dafa Association wishes to help you to learn the history – a treasure that we can all cherish.

Inspiration: This organization hopes to help bridge the culture gap between the East and West and uses this goal to motivate them every day!

Projects in WNY: The Shen Yun performance (www..com) in the Upstate New York region including Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany is presented by the Upstate New York Falun Dafa Association.

How to get Involved: Sign up for the mailing list on their website to be the first to know about upcoming events and activities.

What Kids Can Expect to Find at CAMF: The Upstate New York Falun Dafa Association will be teaching kids how to write Chinese characters and speak a few words in Mandarin!

Music of CAMF – Cruelty Free!

With all of the amazing entertainment coming to the festival this year, you’ll be rocking out for the whole festival weekend! Be ready to jam with Cruelty Free, as they bring their punk r561156_10151261419241289_1033475602_nock attitude to party with you. We caught up with Cruelty Free to get a better idea of what they’re all about.

How the magic began: The duo known as Cruelty Free (Corey Bates and Brian Eberts) started thanks to a billboard in Los Angeles. Corey had some of his songs licensed for TV shows, and to get more publicity, he put a band together to market the material.

Genres: Cruelty Free has an entire spectrum of music, ranging from Rock, Indie, Punk-Pop, and everywhere in between.

Fan favorite: “Spring Meets Summer” is the most requested song for Cruelty Free, so don’t miss your shot to jam to everyone’s favorite!

What to expect: Listeners should expect a wide range that takes many turns, from upbeat rock to indie pop, and then deep indie rock with interpretive lyrics – and a ton of classic covers so you can sing along!


Check out Cruelty Free on Boylan Code Stage from 3:45-5 PM on Friday, July 17!

Canandaigua Lions Club – Making Our Community a Happier Place to Live

Even if you’ve never heard of the Canandaigua Lions Club before, you have probably heard about of some of their contributions to our community! The Canandaigua Lions Club does all sorts of activities, as well as helping people in our community that are in need of financial assistance. They’re a pretty cool group of people that love Ontario County!

Message: Lions Clubs are organizations made up of civic-minded men and women who are interested in the betterment of their community.

Inspirations: The Lions Club wants to be more well known in the community that they love!

Projects in WNY: The local Lions Club provides vision screenings for children 6 months to 6 years in every school district in Ontario County, as well as in day care centers, private schools and soon, for home schooled children! Eye exams and basic eyeglasses are given to individuals who could not otherwise afford them or do not qualify for public assistance.

The Lions Club also puts on a ton of cool events, such as the annual Kids Fishing Derby, bingo for residents at Thompson Hospital’s Continuing Care facility, and various programs aiding the Canandaigua Veterans Club and Blue Star Mothers in Canandaigua.

How to Get Involved: You can find out how to get involved at the booth at the Canandaigua Art Festival! Be a part of a program that is nearly 4 million members worldwide to help your local community as well as aid natural disasters that occur around the world.

What Kids Can Expect: There will be stand-up animal cut-outs with face holes that parents can take pictures of their kids posing in! There will be a gorilla, and of course, a LION!

Music of CAMF – Bowla Cheats!

Are you ready to rock out? If so, catch Bowla Cheats at the Canandaigua Art and Music Festival on Sunday, July 19 from 3:30-5pm! We talked to the band about their music and what they have to add to the festival this summer.

When Bowla Cheats was deciding a name for their group, they wanted the name to be unique to members of their band. “Bowla Cheats” is a play on words that one of the members had been throwing around for a while. It was so unique, they just went with it! Bowla Cheats plays 100% “Root Music,” which they describe as the roots of music. Their most requested song is “Get Down,” so be listening for this fan favorite! If you don’t hear it, don’t be afraid to request it!

This band is inspired by many great musicians including Joan Armstrong, The Altman Brothers, Rancid & Toots and the Maytals. If these are artists you like, you should check out Bowla Cheats. The band tells us they are “a dance group that rocks so get ready to do both!”


Hear Bowla Cheats on Sunday July 19 from 3:30-5:00 PM on the Boylan Code Stage.