Music of CAMF! – Cut Off A Cappella!

One of the most unique live entertainment groups joining us this summer is Cut Off A Cappella. They are an a cappella group, which means they don’t use any instruments in their pieces, only their voices. We decided to learn a little more about this group before the festival and get a glimpse of what their group is all about!

Cut Off A Cappella was christened 5 years ago, when most of the founding members had graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College. After graduating, these vocalists felt “cut off” from singing because they were no longer part of their college’s a cappella group, so they named their group to represent that. They perform a wide selection of music, from the 70’s to today, covering multiple genres. Members of the group turn on the radio and find a way to perform songs with only the human voice. “Boondocks” by Little Big Town and “Open Arms” by Journey are two of their most popular performances, so make a point of catching them on stage!

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Since the start of the group, it has had anywhere from 6 to 13 people at a time, with over 30 different contributors. The group currently has 8 members, which means there are 8 different influences on the music. The group is always looking for songs that have special meaning to the group that will also be enjoyable for the audiences. They also seek inspiration from other a cappella groups such as Pentatonix, Natrurally 7, and The Exchange. Cut Off A Cappella wants everyone to be excited to see the only completely vocal group perform and see what the human voice can do!


You can catch Cut Off A Cappella on the Boylan Code Stage on Sunday, July 19 from 12 to 1:15 PM! Don’t miss the opportunity to see how they make music by using just their voices!


Deliciously Healthy Snacks

Look out for deliciously crunchy popcorn and quinoa-based snack sticks at the festival this year. We’ve got the scoop – and you can get the samples – from G. H. Cretors Popped Corn and Hi I’m Skinny Sticks.

Chicago MixWhat’s the story behind the tasty popcorn? It all began in 1885 when Great Grandpa Cretors invented the popcorn machine and our family began perfecting the art of popping corn. His modern machine appeared at the Chicago Columbian Exposition in 1893, and for five generations we’ve been following in his corn-popping footsteps, taste-testing recipes around our kitchen table.

Yum! What are the flavors? Chicago Mix , Just the Cheese Corn, Just the Caramel Corn, Organic Simply Salted, and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

What is a Chicago Mix? In Chicago, we mix the cheddar corn in with the caramel corn to make a sweet and salty treat. It’s a Chicago classic you should try!

How is it made? We make all our popcorn today the way Great Grandpa Cretors did – in small batches using kettles and natural ingredients. Our products have only the ingredients we love, are gluten free and non GMO. Our Simply Salted and Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavors are organic to boot.

cheddar sticksWhat is a Hi I’m Skinny Stick? I’m an ancient grain-based snack packed full of chia seeds to bring you a heart healthy treat.

Well, hello! Why are you called a Skinny Stick? Well I’m long and narrow, therefore I’m Skinny! I’m also up to 40% less fat than regular potato chips and I contain no “nasty’s” which means I’m free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. I’m non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan and Kosher!

sweet onionWhat do you contain? Just healthy ingredients, you know. There are no GMOs in me and I’m Gluten Free and Vegan without skimping on flavor.

Speaking of flavor, what have you got? Quinoa Onion, Quinoa Sea Salt, Sweet Potato and Veggie Tortilla.

Music of CAMF – Wolf Mountain!

Wolf Mountain is returning to the festival in 2015 for another year of country rockin’! We decided to touch base with them to get to know a little bit about their band.

Band name: Wolf Mountain wanted to make sure their name was accepted by everyone in their group so they went through a lengthy and creative process to decide! The original four members of the band came up with five names each, and from there picked everyones top 5. They then used process of elimination to pick everyones favorite!


Genre: Boylan Code Stage is going to see some Country Rock, Southern Rock, and a touch of blues when Wolf Mountain performs!

Fan favorite: Wolf Mountain’s most requested song is “Pontoon” by Little Big Town. Don’t miss their most popular song!

Inspirations: Wolf Mountain has many inspirations, including Merle Haggard, Little Big Town, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Eagles, Brad Paisley, Dwight Yokam, Luke Bryan and Rascal Flatts.

What you can expect: You can expect a tour-ready show with strong vocals and tight music arrangements from Wolf Mountain band. They have an original flair that you can’t miss!

Catch Wolf Mountain on the Boylan Code Stage on Saturday, July 18 from 12-1:15 PM!

Music of CAMF – The Isotopes!

The Isotopes are bringing their upbeat swing, jazz and rock combinations to the festival this year and we couldn’t be more excited! To learn a little more about them, we asked them a few questions about their band and what we can expect at the festival.

196895_10150111823236243_7461465_nThe band decided on the name The Isotopes because they are made up of five nuclear scientists who, almost 14 years ago, decided to start playing instrumental rock together. Since the beginning, they have tried to incorporate science into their appearance and shows.

The band was originally a surf band, performing instrumental music made famous in the early 60’s by musicians such as the Ventures, Dick Dale, Link Wray and Duane Eddy. But recently they have begun incorporating different genres into their music, including swing, jazz, stoner jazz, hard rock, and mariachi.  You can also expect to see some newer pop songs incorporated, including Moves Like Jagger, Locked Out of Heaven, and Take on Me. The set lists fit each show they perform, so they have a special playlist for the festival!

The Isotopes are inspired by many different artists in multiple genres. Most recently, the band has made a shift back toward instrumental surf music, influenced by bands like Los Stratijackets, Man or Astroman?, The Ghastly Ones, Southern Culture on the Skids, Huevos Rancheros, and The Reverend Horton Heat.10850197_10152563635916243_267113300178737339_n

You can expect a high energy mix of music and comedy, only to be completed by their very own go go dancers at the festival! Don’t miss the Isotopes on the Boylan Code Stage, Friday July 17 from 1:45-3:15 PM!

Canandaigua Emergency Squad – Keeping us Safe for 75 Years

The Canandaigua Emergency Squad will be visiting the Community Cause-Way at the festival this year, and they’re bringing some pretty cool activities along with them. We wanted to learn more about them and what to expect at the festival, so we talked to them to see what’s up!

logo3Message: The Canandaigua Emergency Squad (CES) is the busiest volunteer 911 service in Ontario County, responding to 4,000 calls each year. With over 65 volunteers and 14 full-time emergency medical technicians and paramedics, there is always help available for any medical emergency.  Operating with no tax-based support, the CES continues to provide healthcare services and education, including first aid and CPR to reduce or mitigate medical traumatic emergencies.

Inspiration: The community is what drives the passion to help people at CES. Most workers are volunteers, so these people love what they do – they love to help people.

Projects in WNY: CES recently merged with the East Bloomfield-Holcomb Fire Department, creating the East Bloomfield Volunteer Ambulance Division of CES. The cost of the project relied mostly on donations and involves a lot of strategic cost-cutting to maintain. This exciting partnership hopes to act as a model for other small services to be able to maintain service in their local communities.

How to get involved: Volunteers make the difference and without their help and support, CES could not respond to the thousands of calls received each year. CES is always looking for more volunteers to be added to the roster. For more information on volunteer opportunities within the CES, visit

What kids can expect: Color an ambulance that pops up and folds into a 3-D stand up figure! There will also be prizes for the best ambulance in each age group.

Stop by the Canandaigua Emergency Squad booth at the Community Cause-Way on Saturday, July 18th and Sunday July 19th at the 2015 Canandaigua Art Festival!