Thank You to Our Festival Sponsors!

The Canandaigua Art & Music Festival would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. They help us put on a festival with free admission, live music and kids’ activities. THANK YOU 2014 sponsors!


Softub ExpressSoftub Express Logo

Can you imagine owning a hot tub that can go anywhere? Softub makes full-featured portable hot tubs. Instead of a bulky, hard-sided tub, “softubs” can be set up in any location – indoor or outdoor – like in the bedroom, out at your camp, even on a boat! They’re also very easy to maintain, affordable and energy efficient. Visit their booth near the Commons Park Stage this weekend to see them for yourself.


WegmansWegmans Logo

You probably just went grocery shopping there – but did you know Wegmans is also a huge supporter of the communities they serve? Canandaigua Wegmans is a stage sponsor for the festival this year, helping us provide entertainment all weekend long at Commons Park Stage.

“Being part of community life and setting an example of leadership giving is central to our heritage and operating philosophy.”  – Wegmans


New York LifeNew York Life Logo

New York Life Insurance helps provide people with the support they need during the tough times. For nearly 170 years, they have cared for their clients needs by creating, protecting, and preserving their financial security. For the festival, they are a sponsor of the Commons Park Stage. Visit their booth to learn more about their services.


Mobile Music Logo

Mobile Music

Mobile Music is a family-owned music shop in Downtown Canandaigua, specializing in instrument rentals, repair and music education. They are sponsoring music at the Commons Park Stage and you can visit their shop and their kids’ activity booth with an instrument “petting zoo.”


Isaac Heating & AC Logo

Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning

Festival weekend – the 3rd weekend in July – is usually one of the hottest of the year! Isaac is setting up two large “mister” fans to keep you cool. The fans will be near the Commons Park Stage, blowing cool air and mist. Isaac has been around since 1945 in the Upstate and Central New York area, providing heating and air conditioning service to over 35,000 people each year.

The Music of CAMF 2014: Amanda Ashley

The town of Canandaigua and its surrounding areas have so much talent, including singer – songwriters.  In the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival, there is no exception and Amanda Ashley is one of those talents; a singer – songwriter who will start off our music line up for the festival, Wooo!

Amanda plays original, classic and popular cover pieces with a fusion of Pop, R&B and Jazz.  She is heavily influenced with variety genres of music.  She is constantly asked to play her original song “Trapeze” and a cover from Jackson Five – “I Want You Back.” Her life on the road and back home is her main engine of inspiration for her compositions.

Amanda states that performing in the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival is a “celebration of the arts” and that

It’s always pleasurable to be invited to play and take part in a festival, no matter how big or small. Canandaigua has always been among one of my favorite towns to visit, so I’m very much looking forward to.

Check her Facebook page and her website:  Cheer Amanda on with her solo act on Friday 18th July at 12PM on the Commons Park Main Stage.




Clean Eating with Effortlessly Healthy

paleo plate

The Paleo Plate

The Effortlessly Healthy food truck will be driving out to Canandaigua all three days of the festival. Save some room for ridiculously wonderful, that are also healthy, offerings. If you’re counting calories, on a special diet, or just looking for something good to eat, you should visit Effortlessly Healthy.

What’s your flavor profile? We offer paleo-inspired and clean eating foods. All of our meals are under 400 calories and are gluten-free, dairy-free, and preservative-free.

Ahi Tuna

Ahi Tuna

What’s your best-selling item? Our most popular item is our “Healthy Trash Plate” (Paleo Plate), it has a burger or chicken over sweet potatoes and slaw and is topped with avocado sauce. We also offer add-ons of bacon or meat sauce, making it similar to the popular “Garbage Plate”

What’s your favorite item to make? I personally love making the ahi tuna salad – maybe because it’s my favorite and I put it on the menu because I always want to eat it! Ahi tuna seared, served over roasted red peppers and artichokes, topped with our secret avocado sauce.

What’s your signature ingredient? Our secret avocado sauce, we can’t give the recipe!! 🙂

chicken bacon avocado

Chicken & Bacon with Avocado Sauce

Songs to Snapshots: Hymn and Her Photography

Bob and Cathy Baldwin, owners of Hymn and Her photography, will be showcasing and selling their work at the Canandaigua Art and Music Festival this year. We talked to them about photography and how their business got its start.

Cathy tells us that the name “Hymn and Her” comes from the couple’s background in music. The pair was a part of 1970s top 40 band Euphoria for fifteen years. Then they performed as a duo  in weddings before making the leap into photography. They still sing, but also enjoy their photography venture at festivals.

 “Our church was having a festival and in need of vendors. I wondered if anyone would want to buy photos I had taken. We set up a booth and, as they say, the rest is history. That was thirteen years ago.”

Hymn and Her photography specializes in New York State nature photos, both framed and unframed.  Cathy describes that anyone attending the festival can expect to see  a “great display of just how beautiful New York State really is.”  With shots from the Adirondacks, the Finger Lakes, the Catskills, lighthouses, covered bridges, Letchworth Park, flowers, and animals, the two have something for everyone.

Cathy’s photographs have won several awards including a top honor at the Letchworth Arts & Crafts Show.

“I’ve won several awards at various shows. My favorite was 1st place for the theme at the Letchworth show. That year the theme was “Celebration”. I won with a photo of some Iroquois dancers at the dance festival at Ganondagon, in Victor, NY. The photo only shows their feet.”

Aside from this year’s Canandaigua festival, you can view Hymn and Her’s photographs and read more about them at their website here.

A “Menagerie” of Animals Join the Festival

Mobile Menagerie - Bunny

Lauren Celentano had so many animals in her care, and wanted so many more, that she knew she it was time to turn her passion for pets into a career. With her “Mobile Menagerie,” Lauren travels with her animals to public events, classroom visits, and private functions, sharing both her knowledge and her love of animals with the Rochester and surrounding area communities.

A long time animal lover, Lauren says many of her animals are rescue pets that needed a good home. She regularly works with Rochester Animal Services, and has provided a foster home to many local dogs in need in the past year and a half. Part of her mission with Mobile Menagerie is to educate current and future pet owners as to how they can help. She especially loves to share her work with children, who are both fascinated and curious about the animals she cares for and how to help out.

What animals are you bringing to the Festival this year?

It always depends on the individual animal that day, just in case they are having a bad day. Sometimes the corn snake is shedding, sometimes the bunny is grumpy and sometimes it is just too hot, it all depends. But I am hoping to bring one of my bunnies, two chickens, a chinchilla (new to the menagerie), a chameleon, two kinds of frogs, a box turtle, one of my Savannah monitors (a type of lizard), and the corn snake.

Is there anything kids should know when they approach an animal?

Always ask the owner and your guardian if it is safe, and never startle an animal. Make sure you are talking softly, never shouting, and never make sudden movements. I promise you are way scarier to the animal then they are to you. This goes for dogs, chickens, snakes, anything! Just because we condition animals for events, doesn’t mean they will act the same 100% of the time.

What is the number one question you get about your animals?

“Do you really own all of these animals?” Yes – I am crazy enough in love with all my animals to “own” them all. They come before me. I make sure they are fed and housed properly before I sit down to rest after my day jobs. My animals are so important to me, and I love answering questions about how you can own one yourself- but know they are all a lot of work individually and together.

What is your favorite animal?

I absolutely love horses. I can be having the worst day and would go visit the barn and would just feel right.  You cannot have problems on a horse- you have to concentrate. I do not have a horse of my own, yet, but I definitely plan on rescuing a few in the future.

What animals do you still hope to get?

One day I hope to own a toucan. I would also like to get a few other barn animals once I move to a large enough property. Right now I have a homestead where I can grow most of my own food and the animal feed (I love being as local and green as possible), but I can definitely seen room to expand my business and the animals I care for.

“I plan to continue to rescue and educate as many animals and people as I can through Mobile Menagerie’s extra funds. I hope to make Mobile Menagerie a full time venture in the future. I love Rochester and all of the people I have met in this area, who have made my business possible.”