2 Crocked Pots

Roland and Pam, a very artsy couple and the creators of 2 Crocked Pots are delighted to join the CAMF again this year because of the great attendance it always brings. Pam and her husband started 2 Crocked Pots because they wanted an activity that would provide enjoyment to both of them.

Growing up in the Finger Lakes, Roland had many opportunities to experience the natural beauty of the area. He spent countless days hiking through woods, exploring hillsides and enjoying water activities on the lakes. Those memories have provided him with most of his inspiration for his art.

The pots are made in both stoneware and porcelain clay mediums. Each one takes around 4 hours to be painted, and that doesn’t include the time it takes to throw, dry, glaze and fire the pots. For the CAMF, Roland has developed two new patterns for his pots: banded elephants and banded dragonflies.

If there was one thing the couple has learned about artwork it is that “art creates itself so you must remain open to new possibilities”. Their studio with showroom is open by appointment.