2 Crocked Pots – Double the Art, Double the Fun

Double Trouble when it comes to one of our festival artists – 2 Crocked Pots! Roland (often referred to as Cub) and Pam are visiting the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival to show off their collection of beautiful pottery and jewelry lines. We wanted to know a little more about their designs, so we caught up with them.

Artwork: Cub has always loved painting, and flourished when he discovered his passion for creating art on clay canvas. Cub allows the natural beauty of the clay to serve as a backdrop for his lovely floral, art nouveau, and whimsical patterns. While Pam contributes to creating the pottery, she has also created her own jewelry line. Pam starts with stoneware and porcelain focal points she had glazed and adds glass and metal components that move her. Her different styles of wearable art are described as whimsical, earthy, simple and classic designs to please every shopper!

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Inspirations: Cub’s inspiration for the pottery stems from his childhood memories growing up in the Finger Lakes region. One of his most intricate creations is his “sailing” design.

Time Commitment: These pots are wheel thrown, air dried, fired to a bisque, painted and glazed, and then fired one final time to bring out the color. Most of the pieces are hand painted, which usually takes 3-4 hours.

Where to Find Their Work: You can find 2 Crocked Pots at many art shows throughout the Finger Lakes region and at www.2crockedpots.com! The studio is open at their patron’s convenience.

What Art Taught Them: Art is constantly evolving. Cub and Pam love to experiment with new ideas. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t – but every piece is an experience!

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